Willing to Get an App like Netflix – Hire Kotlin App Developers

 Willing to Get an App like Netflix – Hire Kotlin App Developers

Netflix is an online streaming application that allows users to watch live television shows and web series through its mobile or web applications. Though several OTT channels are online, Netflix has won users’ hearts. However, the reason behind it is the fastest streaming, high graphics resolution, clear voice quality, and rapid incorporation of advanced technology to keep the app benchmark performing. Kotlin has played a vital role in keeping this app’s mobile and web versions trendy and excellent-performing. 

Since Kotlin is an open-source programming language, anyone can use it for Android/iOS app development along with the design and development of websites as well. As a result, if you are also willing to design such a live-streaming application, you can hire Kotlin developers and get it done by professional experts.

Reason to use Kotlin app development

Kotlin is an advanced version of Java programming language. This programming language has a plethora of advanced features which were not in Java. Some other exciting features of this app development language are underneath:-

  • Kotlin is concise and light in weight. As a result, it facilitates developers to create speedy and fully-functional app development. 
  • Applications designed in Java can be easily revamped using Kotlin.
  • Kotlin is a cost-effective programming language that doesn’t require any run-time or post-development maintenance overhead.
  •  Kotlin is a free-to-use open-source programming language. As a result, you can use it freely and find quick solutions from a wide range of Kotlin developers’ communities.
  • Kotlin is compatible with all platforms. As a result, it is most preferred for cross-platform app development.

The use of the Kotlin programming language

Kotlin has been designed using Java frameworks. As a result, it has the most advanced features and high compatibility with its founder language and frameworks, including javascript, flutter, react native js, and many more. In such circumstances, you can hire Kotlin mobile app developers for:-

  • Android application development
  • iOS application development
  • Static and Dynamic web application development
  • Application development for foldable devices
  • Software development
  • Full-stack web and mobile app development
  • Native, cross, and hybrid mobile app development

 Top applications designed using Kotlin

The rapid advancement in Kotlin is inviting businesses worldwide to transform their apps into Kotlin. Along with Netflix, many top-notch market leaders across the globe are employing Kotlin in their mobile and web application. Some of them are underneath:-

  • Google – Recently, Google has announced that it will start using Kotlin as the first programing language for android application development
  • Evernote – This is a note-taking and task-management platform. Evernote is employing Kotlin in mobile app development caused of transparent, faster, and hassle-free. 
  • Airbnb  is the world-known largest platform for hotel rooms, homestays, tour & travel, and lodging facilities. Airbnb has transformed its mobile apps, and the language used was Kotlin.
  • Tinder is a social media application designed using Kotlin in front-end app development.
  • Zomato – It is an online food ordering mobile app which has both android and iOS versions designed in Kotlin
  • Slack is a business communication platform that provides businesses with standard virtual chat rooms, private group conversations, and instant messaging facilities. 
  • Cordo  It is a blockchain platform entirely designed in Kotlin. 
  • N26 – N26 is a German bank. This bank offers financial services across Europe and the US. The backend development N26 applications are developed in Kotlin.
  • Trello  Trello is a tool for project management. Most of the app functionality of Trello is developed in Kotlin.

Since an Android or iOS application is designed by professionally skilled mobile app developers, experts in Kotlin are prominently ruling the competitive market of all types of business; hence it is beneficial to employ a dedicated Kotlin-based mobile app development company, dedicated Kotlin developers, or hire remote developers experts Kotlin app development and get a complete 360-degree solution of your need.

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