Fundamentals of A Valuable Mobile Application

 Fundamentals of A Valuable Mobile Application

During the pandemic, we became increasingly dependent on mobile apps and it is now transforming our behavior. In order to keep up with this shift, companies are launching new apps as an extension of their business. Having an incredible, cutting-edge, feature-rich mobile app has become a necessity for growth-oriented businesses. Companies are seeking agencies for mobile app design services in order to develop jaw-dropping mobile apps.

Thousands of companies would have already launched mobile applications as I speak to you through this blog, and even more startups and entrepreneurs must be planning to embark on their mobile app development journey. However, only a small number of apps make it to app stores, a few make it to users’ mobile and even fewer remain on a user’s device for more than a month.

According to research, barely 1% of mobile app startups succeed, so basically, 99% of mobile app startups fail. With so many possibilities, people are only enticed by mobile applications that are unique and functionally rich. A valuable app has certain aspects that are easily overlooked by businesses restricting them to get the expected results. So, here we present a few of them.

Fundamentals Of A High-Value Mobile App

1. An Enticing & Friendly UI

Your mobile app should live and breathe by how users are going to interact with it. Ask your mobile apps design agency to create user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging apps optimized for amazing real-life experiences. Research your market base and collaborate with targeted users to understand their needs in terms of mobile UI. Apps should be faster and easier to work with.

2. Efficient

The efficiency of a mobile application refers to how well it runs on a device under high loads and other circumstances. App crashes account for 71% of app uninstalls. When an app takes too long to load, 70% of users quit it. Such statistics convey a clear picture: mobile app performance must be prioritized. Superfluous features tend to slow down apps by raising load time and lowering performance. It’s crucial to remove unnecessary weight from the app. When creating your app, ensure that every feature is necessary and delete anything that isn’t. Find the right mobile app developers who can code highly efficient apps for your business.

3. Security

The advancement of technology is making people vulnerable to cybercrime, such as hacking, data theft, and damage. Talking about apps may include sensitive data such as credit card details, health information, and so on. They are installed on smartphones or tablets, and their security is often overlooked. So, people, these days need apps that are secure and can protect their privacy. As the development of your mobile app progresses, keep in mind the “security by design” approach, which essentially means incorporating the security component during the designing process.

4. Feature-Rich

Make your mobile app stand apart from the competitors by making it feature-rich and enticing simultaneously. Before starting with the development part, set some clear goals and plans. Rich features make your app highly usable and easy to navigate for the audience. To add features correctly, hire professionals with vast experience and knowledge.


To conclude, pick the right development strategy and ensure that a mobile apps design agency is on board to follow it. Engage your users early in the design process and throughout testing. Make security and usability a top concern, not a last-minute thought.

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