4 Prime Types Of Material For Window Frames!

 4 Prime Types Of Material For Window Frames!

If you have noticed, windows and doors bridge the gap between you and the outer world. Keeping them safe and operating help us to meet the natural elements when we need them. This takes us to an essential point that urges us to maintain the windows regularly and call for repair services from Macomb County if required. Fortunately, the best window and door companies are near you and just a call away. 

Here we discuss the prime window frame types matching your pocket and requirement. 

Wooden Window Frame

According to the best window and door companies, wooden frames for windows always have been a matter of controversy. Some think they are outdated, and others deny it. A few suggest them as super modern and most practical type to adore the windows. 

Interestingly, most houses have wooden window frames. They never go out of style and are appearing in newer versions every time. Many homeowners are trying to mix and match by applying exterior window shutters on the wooden frames. Traditional homes in this new avatar retain their charm and maintain a fresh look. 

Other than that, wooden window frames are easy to clean, replace and fix. They fit both interior and exterior décor of the homes. The fixtures look beautiful making the house stylish and attractive. Moreover, wood is an excellent insulator and proves to be energy efficient.

Aluminum Window Frames

Metals can never go out of date. Aluminum being one of the lightest metals provides you with various chances to be classic yet modern. Window frames made of aluminum are sturdy, lightweight, and durable. As compared to others, this variant of window frame material is relatively expensive. You can add an insulating plastic strip as a hack between the external and internal sash to reduce heat flow. 

However, the material, when used to make window frames, lasts long and requires low maintenance. If you have a modern-style house, you can trust the material to filter the sunlight and allow the rays inside. They happen to be soundproof, weatherproof, and do not rust, fade, rot, or shrink. 

PVC-Made Window Frames

PVC or poly Vinyl Chloride compound is in the hype. People are using the product to create various things that last long and do not affect the system. They are affordable, durable, and provide magnificent insulation. 

But like every other thing, PVC-made window frames also have a different side. They are not so sturdy as compared to wood or aluminum. When the color of the frames fades away you cannot repaint them and have to replace the whole fixture. Moreover, the resale value of these windows is not much. 

However, Macomb County-based window repair service companies recommend them for their quality insulation abilities. The frames need little maintenance and can stabilize Ultraviolet rays. The pocket-friendly material is convenient to make any design and apply any style.

Fiber-Glass Window Frames

Fiber-glass material is relatively newer on the list. You cannot find many people using this material. One can use them as an alternative to PVC as they are more durable, resists weathering, and withstand significant temperature variations. Profoundly, fiberglass can efficiently hold out against stress proving to be an excellent option for large windows. 

Although the material contracts and expands as the temperature changes, the air cavities effectively keep your home warm and prevent heat transfer. 


The window frames primarily provide support to the windows. Picking the righteous quality makes you the winner according to your pocket strength and need. The window repair service agencies of Macomb County suggest when you apply the best fit on your windows it contributes to elegance, insulation, and style.

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