5 Tips to Light up your Smart Office

 5 Tips to Light up your Smart Office

From the last decade the idea of how you view office has completely changed. Modern office has now shifted focus on how to make employees feel comfortable and do away with corporate rigidity to accelerate work productivity and efficiency. So here takes the entry of office lighting which should be planned with a complete different approach so as to give your hub an aesthetic look. And as technology has gained momentum the connected lighting system must be put into action to make your traditional office a smart office.

So here are certain tips which you should follow to give in that extra influence to your employees and clients.

#Tip 1 Make use of sufficient light strength: This indicates how much light falls on a given surface or object. Precision work such as some of technical work needs a higher amount of light strength so as to put less stress on your eyes. So by choosing the right light strength, you ensure that your employees are working with ease.  Low light will unnecessarily put too much strain on the eyes of the employees resulting in lower and degraded performance. This is the first tip to follow to convert your office into a smart office.

#Tip 2 High Intensity Discharge:  HID are the typical lighting in warehouses and are perfectly suitable for large spaces. These consist of a multiple blubs attached to suspended pendant which hangs from a ceiling. Depending upon the requirement, the number of bulbs and the size of the tiles may differ. Metal halides create a very bright and shiny light and are most suited for higher ceilings.

#Tip 3 LED Lighting: LED office lighting is best at providing the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as being very productive and environmentally friendly. LED panels can be fixed to the walls or hanged on the ceiling or mounted on the surface of other things, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

#Tip 4 Sound absorbing lights: When working in a smart office, many things can distract us to achieve maximum productivity. One of them being noise which can be irritating sometimes. Fortunately, all these can be resolved with the amazing sound-absorbing lamps. These lamps are installed in walls or ceilings. They make the space more pleasing to the eyes. So, by using technology, you can create a fixture that will not only look dashing but improve the work environment and overall health.


#Tip 5 Incandescent Lighting: The most traditional way to light up an office room is to use incandescent lights. These are similar to that of the sunlight. These can be generally used a desk light. 

As innovation combines with tech there is where you can convert your office into a smart one by using the means of light. This is how you can imagine future.


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