Not every workplace benefits from all-day natural lighting. Many companies rely on electric illumination, yet they may be utilizing office lighting solutions that negatively affect worker satisfaction and productivity without even recognizing it. 

Fortunately, since Edison first created the light bulb in 1879, lighting technology has improved substantially. Because of this development, the smart office lighting you choose now significantly impacts employee satisfaction and productivity more than operational costs (efficient light bulbs). 

This post will offer some advice on how to make the most of the office lighting in your workplace to foster a positive work atmosphere. 

Effects of Workplace Lighting on Employee Wellbeing 

The type of work done in the smart office, the size of the area, the demographics of your staff, and the time of day and year are all factors that influence the ideal office lighting for your needs. 

The general rule is that while natural light is usually preferred, artificial lighting should mimic natural light sources when natural light is insufficient to enable working. 

Doctors talked to many patients who complained about how stressful their workplace is. Lighting is a common issue when you break it down into its parts. Headaches or low energy are brought on by too much or too little light on the job. 

Staff Lighting Choices that May Be Customized 

Doctor contends that workers who believe their employers value meeting their basic requirements would feel encouraged and at ease to put out their best effort. 

Employees’ ability to customize and exert some control over their surroundings has a favorable psychological impact that benefits people’s mood, physiological, and cognitive function. 

Dr. cautions against allowing too much control, pointing out that psychologically, when faced with too many alternatives, people tend to avoid making any adjustments. She advises placing the lights with 4-5 preset illumination options for the most common interactions and gatherings as you arrange new lighting installations for your company. 

For business settings, smart light bulbs can be a suitable solution for comfort and energy savings. They enable users to create a variety of moods, colors, and intensities that can be tailored to your employees’ needs depending on how they feel that particular day. 

An energy expert claims that “intelligent light bulbs” also provide more control because they can be remotely turned on or off, thanks to an app that lets you control everything from your smartphone. 

Lighting Options for Workers at Home and Work 

In his article, the CEO of Eight Sleep, a company that makes “smart” mattresses that use technology to improve sleep, said that carefully adjusting the color temperature and timing of his light exposure at home and work made a significant difference in his life and ability to live and work optimally. 

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