2 Factors that Affect Proteins Drug Stability in Medicines

 2 Factors that Affect Proteins Drug Stability in Medicines

Are you wondering why the medicine is not working for your disease? Well, you might face issues with proteins drug stability in your body. Therefore, the medicines are not working efficiently and could not release the compounds for curing your issues. You need to check the drug resistance capacity of your body for this.  

Sometimes due to changes in climatic conditions, people tend to fall ill many times. To get relived from the disease, they tend to have a lot of pills, which in turn cause issues. Gradually, the body would react with proteins drug resistance when no medicine works properly on some particular diseases.   

Therefore, some strange situations might get created here where the diseases are not getting cured from the root. Rather, people are getting more affected by diseases. People suffering from chronic diseases like sugar, high blood pressure, and others are the main ones affected person of these drug resistance conditions.  

Now, you need to understand the basics of drug resistance capacity to avoid the same situation in your body. Just like Ensemble allosteric model, you need to know about the protein structure and features to know about drug resistance. Some of these key essential factors are mentioned here, which you can refer to as your guide. 


  1. Taking antibiotics frequently  

If you are a person who takes lots of pills for some simple issues then you should be aware of drug resistance. Taking medicines for mild issues can lead to many issues and sometimes it produces superbug in your immune system. Therefore, when foreign substances attack your body then superbugs will help them to promote their capacities. 


  • You need to take medicines, especially antibiotics only when you need them genuinely. Some mild symptoms like headache, vomiting, and others can cure naturally with the in-built immune system of your body. 
  • You should always take medicine or antibiotics only when doctors recommend you to do so. You need to follow all instructions of the medical practitioners to avoid drug resistance in your body. 


  1. Not finishing a course properly  

Some people always leave a course of medicine halfway when they feel good about their disease. Leaving the medicines halfway can create many issues and most prominently, it would create superbugs on your immune system. Therefore, you need to finish your medicine course before you approach the doctor again with your disease. 


  • To absorb the medicine in your body, your body would need a few days to react to it. Sometimes leaving the medicines at an early stage can lead you to many critical situations in later years. 
  • Therefore, you need to consume your medicines even if your disease is completely cured. Completing the course is extremely essential as it can boost your immune system to heal your disease inside.  

Overconsumption of meat and dairy products can also lead to drug resistance in human bodies. Nowadays, highly intensive drugs are used to produce large quality meat and dairy products. So, you can avoid eating these items as much extend you can.  

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