What are the Different Types of Lighting Suitable For a Modern Interior

 What are the Different Types of Lighting Suitable For a Modern Interior

Nowadays, people are aware of the fact that different rooms of an apartment serve other purposes. There are the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and work office and all these spaces have different purposes. Naturally, every room requires a different lighting solution. 

Usually, people want to tailor every room for a unique purpose. They want to make the bedroom extra comfortable for sleeping, the kitchen perfect for cooking, and a sitting room to spend quality time with family. 

This post will discuss the different types of lighting and lighting fixture suitable for modern interiors. Hopefully, the information can fulfil the lighting needs and serve a particular function. 

However, many people neglect the importance of proper lighting. And here, one can find the best solutions regarding lighting. Lighting features must adequately correspond to the room’s setting, purpose, and application. 

Types of Lighting for a Modern Interior 

People are selective with appliances, furniture, and home accessories, so they must do the same when choosing light. There are different types of lighting they can choose from. 

Decorative Lighting 

One of the most crucial things to consider while choosing decorative lights is the effect the design will have on the transmitted light. When it comes to decorative lighting, it is all about making a strong statement. 

Before choosing a light, one must consider the direct, upwards, and downward lights. The size and colour are also considered to achieve the user’s desired effect. 

A few factors make a statement or set a mood as much as a quality chandelier or floor lamp. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the placement of the decorative lights, the style, and the colour carefully. Thus, one can have the room of their dreams with the perfect light setting. 

Fixtures for decorative lights: 

      Pendant Lighting

      Wall sconces

      Ceiling fans with light kits

      Table and Floor lamps 

Ambient Indoor Lighting 

Ambient lighting is bright, powerful illumination that lights up the room entirely. These lights are made for a single purpose: to provide users with uniform levels of illumination over the entire space. One can ensure safe and easy navigation by creating a strong ambient illumination through bounce and reflections off the walls. 

Fixtures for ambient indoor lighting; 

      Ceiling mounted fixtures

      LED downlights

      Wall-Mounted Fixtures

      Track lights

      Floor Lamps 

Outdoor Ambient Lighting 

People mostly think of an indoor space when it comes to ambient lighting. Outdoor ambient lighting is very often used for various purposes. 

Besides using decorative accents, these lights help to increase the aesthetic appeal of a specific building or yard. These lights are often used as an increased security measure. 

The primary purpose of outdoor ambient lighting is to offer bright lighting, visibility, and vivid outdoor illumination. These lights are also used for personal security. 

Fixtures for outdoor ambient lighting; 

      Bollard and Path Light

      Canopy lighting and recessed fixtures used in overhanging structures

      Sconce and wall-mounted lighting


These three basic types of lighting are suitable for any modern interior. Besides these three types of lighting, there are task lighting and accent lighting as well that will work fine. 

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