Things to consider before purchasing a Philips Hue Smart Light

 Things to consider before purchasing a Philips Hue Smart Light

Philips Hue starter kit is the simplest way to get started with smart light. Each starter kit contains Hue lights and a Hue Bridge, and few kits even have smart accessories. It is also simple to install, as you only require plugging in your lights, connecting the Hue Bridge, and installing your smart lights in the Hue app. 


v What are smart lights?

There is one vital difference between a regular light bulb and a smart bulb; you can switch on and off your normal bulb with only a wall switch. Whereas smart bulbs can be switched on and off with a variety of smart switches, with a mobile app, with a voice command, or even with a synced schedule or a smart light switch. Not just that, you can also dim your smart bulbs and change their tones and colors. 


v Choosing the right product – Bulbs

You can choose to easily change your current regular bulbs with smart bulbs and smart light switches. You can select the size you require or if they’re indoor or outdoor bulbs as well! When researching bulbs, something crucial to notice is that some are just “white” and some are “white and color ambiance.” This small nitty-gritty can be easy to miss at first, so ensure to choose the product you want. As you may have already assumed, one bulb can change into multiple colors or tones, and the other is just simple white light.



v Parts of a Philips Hue starter kit

The types of accessories and lights you get will depend on the Philips Hue starter kit you select and what’s available in the region in which you live. Some starter kits contain three standard bulbs, while others may come with a light strip. Some may include a Hue smart button, while others have a Hue dimmer switch. Choose the starter kit that best suits your requirements!


v Controlling smart lights with Bluetooth vs. the Hue Bridge

You can control Philips Hue lights in two ways. With Hue Bridge for up to 50 lights or Bluetooth for up to 10 lights. Though most of the Philips Hue light is Bluetooth compatible, Bluetooth control doesn’t deliver the same features as the Hue Bridge, enabling the full suite of smart lighting elements. A starter kit, which comes with the Hue Bridge, gives you an immediate approach to all of these features. 


v Conclusion

Smart lighting is a great way to build magical moments. You can start creating your own Hue smart lighting system by buying a starter kit. Once you’ve completed the initial installation, you can buy additional indoor bulbs and outdoor flood bulbs.


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