Powerblast: Unveiling High-Performance Pressure Cleaning Solutions for Homes and Industries

 Powerblast: Unveiling High-Performance Pressure Cleaning Solutions for Homes and Industries


In the dynamic world of high-pressure cleaning equipment, Powerblast stands tall as a trusted name, having supplied top-notch commercial equipment to industries across Australia for over 3.5 decades. Let’s delve into the features of some of Powerblast’s industrial-grade washers and high-pressure water jet cleaners designed for both home and professional use.

  1. Kranzle K1050TS: The Ultimate Home and Garden Cleaner


    The Kranzle K1050TS is meticulously crafted for homes and gardens, boasting a 2-wheeled design and superior build. Its 2800 rpm engine guarantees unmatched durability and performance. The robust brass pump head ensures reliability, and the quick-release connector system facilitates seamless connection of lances, trigger guns, and other accessories. The space-saving and compact design, coupled with a carrying handle that doubles as a power cable reel, enhances usability and storage. The auto-shutdown feature not only conserves power but also extends the cleaner’s lifespan. Priced at RRP $1,490.50, this cleaner is a worthy investment for maintaining a pristine home exterior.

  3. PowerShot HP4012: Petrol-Driven Hot Water Pressure Cleaner


    Manufactured in the USA, the PowerShot HP4012 is a petrol-powered pressure washer preferred by many industrial contractors. Its heavy-duty 4 x 10” pneumatic wheel base and full surround powder-coated steel frame ensure durability in demanding environments. The automatic shutdown feature in low oil conditions enhances the cleaner’s lifespan. Equipped with a 15m wire-braided high-pressure hose, quick-connect fittings, lance, and trigger gun, this cleaner is ready for various applications. The 41L diesel tank for the burner efficiently heats the water, and the COMET industrial triplex plunger pump with an external unloader and bypass hose guarantees top-notch performance. Priced at RRP $13,194.50, the PowerShot HP4012 is a robust solution for heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

How to Order:

For those looking to acquire the Hot Petrol Diesel Pressure Washer or explore other offerings, Powerblast’s official website https://www.powerblast.com.au/ is the go-to destination. The website provides access to operating manuals, spare parts lists, and specification sheets for comprehensive product information.

Contact Details:

Powerblast’s dedicated team is ready to assist with any inquiries. Reach out through the following channels:

  • Phone: 1800 812 223
  • Technical Help: 1300 712 724
  • Email: sales@powerblast.com.au
  • Address: Unit 2/1 Precision Drive, PAKENHAM VIC 3810


Powerblast continues to be a leading force in the high-pressure cleaning equipment industry, offering innovative and reliable solutions for both residential and industrial needs. With a commitment to quality and durability, Powerblast’s range of cleaners stands as a testament to their enduring legacy in providing top-tier cleaning solutions.


Powerblast has been supplying specialist equipment through our dealer network for industries requiring premium quality, high pressure cleaning equipment across Australia for over 35 years!

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