How Street LED Lights Can Boost Street Safety in Major Cities

 How Street LED Lights Can Boost Street Safety in Major Cities

LED lights (light-emitting diode lights) operate on very small amounts of electrical energy. Unlike gas-powered lights or incandescent bulbs, these lights use far less energy. They also generate very less heat. On average, an LED lightbulb will convert 90% of the electrical energy it consumes into light energy.

Compare that to traditional incandescent bulbs which only convert approximately 10% of electricity into light. The potential for energy savings is immense. However, LED lightbulbs offer more than just energy efficiency. When installed in the right locations, they can also offer other benefits.

LED Lights in the Streets

The use of lightbulbs made with LEDs was first seen in commercial spaces. Commercial building owners saw little downside in switching to these energy-saving lighting devices. Then, LED lights became cheaper so household adoption rates skyrocketed. Between 2010 and 2020, millions of households across the globe have switched from using traditional incandescent bulbs to LED lightbulbs.

Now, these energy-efficient lights have found their way to our streets. Safety continues to be a concern for city-dwellers. Most people living in major cities feel unsafe walking at night, even in their own neighbourhoods. Here’s how street LED lights can change this trend and make communities feel safer in major cities.

Create the Perfect “Illusion” of Safety

A place with bright lights will not be targeted by criminals. Light deters criminals. That’s human nature. Criminals know that they’re at risk of getting recognized or being caught on security cameras in streets with bright lights. There are no streetlights brighter than LED lightbulbs. When these bright lights are on, criminals re-consider their decisions to commit break-ins, theft, and other crimes.

Community Investment

You can’t make a community feel safer just by installing bright lights in the street. All members of the community or neighbourhood must come together to tackle security-related issues. Investing in LED lights presents a perfect opportunity for community get-togethers. LED lights last up to 25 times longer than gas-powered lights and regular fluorescent bulbs.

Hence, community members can make collective long-term investments by pitching in and buying these bulbs together. LED lightbulbs will also consume way less electrical energy than gas-powered lights or fluorescent lightbulbs. Hence, the whole community can cut costs while collaborating on boosting their security.

Smart Lights to Stay A Step Ahead of Criminals

The latest LED streetlights come with “smart features.” They become brighter when they sense motion. They can react to movements and send digital notifications to people whenever they sense something wrong in dark street corners. A well-designed system of smart street lights can make any street safe and secure without any human intervention.  

Once you install “smart” motion-activated lights in your streets, you won’t have to worry about nighttime security risks. Community leaders won’t have to stress about changing these lightbulbs every few months either. Hence, there’s less work and more security for everyone!


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