Best Historical Places and Tourist Places in Rajasthan

 Best Historical Places and Tourist Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan means Land of Kings so this state is known as Maharaja Land. Rajasthan Tour Packages are amazing. This state offer everything, what one need to experience from India. India is famous for colorful Turban and dresses. Rajasthan has more than 4000 different kinds of Turban. Each and every community wear different kind of Turban. Their color and style are amazing.  

Each and every city offer unique atmosphere and fort and palaces. Udaipur is known as city of Love. I find personally one of the cleanest City. Walking through the narrow lane, to see all old temples and Havelis. This City has many lakes and Pichola lake is main one. In the Pichola Lake located most popular and luxury Hotel of India Lake Palace.  We offer Rajasthan Tour Packages with all Festivals. Like Ganngaur is main festival of Rajasthan and in Udaipur they in traditional way. Its one of the best experiences to know more Indian culture. Only one Hill station of Rajasthan is Mountabu. This is famous for Jain Temple. Carving of Jain Temple in Marble look like Ivory.

Imperial Voyages offer complete experience of Rajasthan tour packages. Jodhpur is known as Blue city. Old town of the city has plenty of Blue painted havelis. Its just a one-time experience. It has magnificent Fort from 15th Century. Jodhpur is famous for all kind of antique furniture. Surrounding area of Jodhpur is dry land.

Another most famous city of Rajasthan Tour Packages is Sun City also known as golden City Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is located in western part of Rajasthan. This is only living fort of India. More than 5000 Families are still living in Fort itself. If you walk up in fort, you will be amazed those local musicians are playing local Music Instrument, locally people call it RAWANHATTA. Most of the Houses of the Fort is converted in shops or guest Houses. This city does offer camel festival and Camel ride in sand dune. Watching sunset from Sand dune is life time experience from Rajasthan Tour packages. Best part of Rajasthan Tour packages is you enjoy the tour with locals.

We have many local Palaces in country side areas. These Palaces are converted in Heritage Hotel. These Palaces will take you back of Centuries to understand culture and tradition of India. Most of Heritage Hotels offer folk dance by evening. These dances local from villages.

In Rajasthan Tour packages we have Wild Life tourism. Rajasthan has protected Wild Life Centuries, famous Tigers. Like Sariska and Ranthambore. For Birdwatcher one of Paradise Bharatpur Bird Century.

Rajasthan Tour Packages are to experience Indian Culture and tradition. 


Best luxury tour packages in India start from Delhi itself. Delhi has all group best luxury Hotels.

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