App Development Statics – Every Mobile App Developer Should Know About

 App Development Statics – Every Mobile App Developer Should Know About

Smartphones are the best way to target the audience; as a result, various competitive mobile apps are trending in the market. But one offering excellent user experience and functionalities can win the battle. Hence, it is beneficial to know about the technicalities of the app development domain so that a full-fledged user-friendly application can be possible. Some of them are underneath:-

Mobile Application Platform

Based on the business verticals, there are a number of mobile apps, such as healthcare apps, E-commerce apps, and Live video streaming apps. Business verticals use dedicated mobile apps to target mobile users. But mobile users are bifurcated into Android and iOS users, and both platforms do not support each other’s native apps. In such circumstances, native app development is risky for any business to own. As a result, app developers need to know about cross-platform apps, progressive web apps, and hybrid app development. 

Programming Languages

Kotlin is the leading programming language used by mobile app developers, but there is a list of app development programming languages, including Java, swift, Angular Js, Python, and so on. Some languages are front-end, and some are back-end development languages. Even though every language is powerful and provides a great app development process, clients’ demands vary; hence mobile app development services need to adhere to those demands and choose the right programming language.


Flutter is one of the most popular open-source, cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. This framework supports both Android and iOS platforms and is feasible to design Android and iOS. React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, and Apache Cordova are some other popular mobile app development frameworks. These frameworks facilitate dedicated mobile app developers to choose the right platform as per clients’ apps’ based requirements.

Front-end and Back-end Development

There are two phases to developing any web, desk, or mobile apps, and those are client-side and server-side. The client-side application, also known as the front-end, is an app’s user interface that directly interacts with end-users. Since the front-end of every app is constantly in touch with end-users, it should be creatively designed with excellent user experience. Usually, it is a perception that visitors stay at a platform that gives them the best, most engaging, and rich experience. Colour theory, graphics, and informative content play a vital role in making a front-end impressive; hence mobile front-end developers need to know about all these parameters of UI design. 

The back-end of an app is the process to make an app functional and responding. In order to make the applications useful, back-end developers need to know about all the programming languages, frameworks, and libraries to develop the secure and powerful back-end of a mobile app.

Testing Tools

Similar to desktop software and websites, mobile apps must be tested before and after various integration and deployment. To check an app’s functionalities, various testing tools, including Kobiton, Buddy, Jamf, Appypie, and Swiftic, apart from manual testing, are present. These tools facilitate app developers and testers to check the overall functionalities of an app. In addition to testing, these also reveal faulty or issue-creating codes. Since testing is the crucial phase of any app development process apart from app design services, clients also have the responsibility to check the overall functionalities of the app and hire mobile app developers who can provide fully-secured and tested applications.

There are various ways and online tutorials for non-technical individuals to take lessons and create mobile applications. But such development may hamper the business goal, time, and money; hence it is advisable to take assistance from professional experts or hire remote developers. 

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