Advance your life by using smart lights

 Advance your life by using smart lights

Advances in technology have led to tremendous improvements in the smart home ecosystem. After the introduction of other smart speakers, smart thermostats, and smart video doorbells, there is also the introduction of a smart lighting system. This is where the Hue lighting system comes in. Your Philips Hue Starter Kit comes with two or four white bulbs and Philips Hue Bridge. The bridge is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. 

The Hue Starter Kit is good quality and gives you a few bulbs depending on your needs and Hue Bridge if you are new to the color. A wireless router is also needed because the bridge itself is not wireless. The bridge is connected to your wireless router via an Ethernet cable, so it needs to be installed nearby. 

Benefits of smart light switch 

A smart switch is a more advanced version of your normal built-in switch. These can be installed on the wall and work just like a switch but with the added benefit. Making a smart switch is just a matter of switching your wall and replacing the awful. 

Smart switches control how you can connect them to anything, including fans, lights, and hardware appliances. These are better than conventional switches at almost every angle, including the following: 

      Low energy consumption 

Investing in a smart switch will pay dividends over time. With technologies like dimming and sensors, you can instantly save up to 60 percent on lighting costs. You can also set a time when the balcony or outdoor lights are on and in the morning they turn off automatically. 

      Better control 

Linking your smart switch with other smart devices can unravel the possibilities. For example, you can turn on the lights and air conditioner 10 minutes before you arrive, as well as play your favorite tunes to your smart speaker when you enter. Event-based automation and geofencing are some of the things you can implement using a smart switch and a few devices. 


Your connected smart lights and devices can be controlled using your smartphone. Download the app and you will have some more features like dimming and voice commands that activate the light as soon as you say the command. 

If you decide to have a smart plug, you simply convert your existing light so that you can turn it on or off from anywhere using your smartphone. Smart plugs have a WiFi chip that allows them to connect directly to your router and WiFi network. Some smart plugs allow for basic tracking of energy consumption. 

The Hue White and Color Starter Kit comes with three bulbs, and the Hue White Starter Kit comes with two bulbs. Start by screwing on the light bulbs you want to control wirelessly and don’t forget to turn on the power for these light fixtures.


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