Why you should shift to smart light switches in your home place in 2023

 Why you should shift to smart light switches in your home place in 2023

Many homeowners are incorporating “smart” devices into their houses. These networked devices and appliances carry out duties or run automated routines to save energy, money, or time, or improve security. In 2023, consumers worldwide were expected to spend $72 billion on smart home-related devices. 

Smart light switches can play a significant role in house automation. Continue reading to learn how smart switches function and why you should consider installing them in your home. 

The cost of smart switches varies based on the model. While smart switches are more costly than standard light switches, they provide several advantages: 

Convenience: As long as there is a Wi-Fi link, smart switches you can control at any time and from any location. For example, if a homeowner is away for the day or traveling, lights or appliances can be switched off to save energy. Similarly, lights you can turn on at night for additional security. 

Smart switches you can even set to turn on when someone walks into a room and off when they depart. 

Ambiance: A smart light switch can be programmed to change depending on activity. For example, the switch could be set to progressively increase the brightness of lights during the make-up time in the morning and gradually dim them before bedtime. 

Combination of multiple devices: As part of smart home automation, most smart switches can combine multiple devices for a more convenient living experience. A smart switch, for example, could be programmed as a custom alarm, turning on lighting and audio in the morning.

Similarly, a smart switch can power on lighting and air conditioning before a homeowner arrives home on a summer evening. 

Designing a smart lighting plan can also be effective.

Enhanced protection: A smart light switch can be linked to housing alarms and security systems to provide additional security while the homeowners are gone. For extra security, many video doorbells can be linked to a smart light switch, as well as a video camera and motion sensors. 

Saving money: Smart switches with a Philips Hue starter kit that effectively regulate lighting, heating, cooling, and appliance usage can result in substantial monthly energy savings. 

Smart Lights vs. Smart Switches

Smart bulbs install similarly to conventional light bulbs, but they can be controlled remotely and change colour. Because a smart bulb does not require the installation of a switch, it is a good choice for homes with older wiring or for temporary options, such as in a dorm. It is critical to comprehend that a smart bulb of the Philips Hue starter kit will leave the old wall switch obsolete and may even make it an inconvenience. 

When an old wall switch is used to turn off a smart bulb, both the bulb and the power for the bulb’s wireless transmission are turned off.

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