What Makes Rolex Watch Price Go High Up In The Ladder

 What Makes Rolex Watch Price Go High Up In The Ladder

Whenever you are thinking of some of the authentic watches in town, then Rolex seems to be at the top of the list. But people always think of checking out the Rolex watch price before making a purchase. Of all the watch brands available in the market, Rolex happens to be one of the most expensive brands of all time, making it difficult to make a purchase. However, there are some online stores selling pre-owned watches at affordable rates. So, you can give that a try.

Features to work out:

Much like Omega watches, Rolex has made a name of its own, but have you ever wondered why. Why do you think Rolex is becoming so popular among the masses and also a prized possession? Well, for that, you might want to check in with some of the features, before finally investing some bucks in it.

Complicated and expensive machine steel used:

Rolex is known to use machine steel, which is not used by any of the other brands in town. Stainless steel is available in different grades. 

  • Most of the steel watches are made using 316L SS. However, the Rolex ones are created using 904L stainless steel.
  • 904L is considered to be harder, and more rust and corrosion-resistant. 
  • On the other hand, when maintained well, this stainless steel will polish well.

That’s why the Rolex watch price is on the steeper side these days. However, make sure to check out the other features before jumping to a conclusion.

The dive watches are tested for their performances:

In order to test out the water-resistant feature of the Rolex watches much like Omega watches, each one of the Rolex Oyster Case watches is tested out thoroughly by a team of strict professionals.

  • In order to test out the water resistance, the watch is placed inside a chamber, which is filled with air. 
  • In case the air leaks within the case, it changes the pressure.
  • After dealing with the pressure test, the watch is tested in actual water. It is a complex procedure and not performed by other manufacturers.

Employing various geologists:

Rolex watches are known for their high standards for materials that they purchased from renowned vendors. These materials will include some expensive gems, metals, and more. Rolex has also employed a major geologist department whose primary focus is to purchase, test, organize and then set diamonds and other precious stones in different Rolex models. Each one of the gems is hand selected.

So, now you know why the Rolex watch price is on the steeper side. Well, with the help of the right team by your side, you can get them pre-owned. Get it from Second Movement by ringing the team at +91 11 4261 0170. You can email the source at contactus@secondmovement.com as well.

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It is true that the Rolex watch price is towards the higher side and there are some solid reasons for that. Learn about that in detail in the article.

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