Ways to Pick Up Startup Ideas

It is normal for potential startup founders to be bombarded with ideas when they start building a startup. Unfortunately, many of these ideas never come to light. And fail prematurely due to a lack of evaluation and maintenance. Not all good startup ideas require big investments, but they do require extensive research before taking the plunge. Invest enough time and develop a well-thought-out marketing strategy to ensure the success of your startup. 

Here are tips to get you started on the right track with an entrepreneurship course in India.   

  1. Come up with ideas: The way to get startup ideas is not just to try to think of startup ideas, rather it is to look for problems and preferably problems you have yourself. In that sense, you can connect with a larger audience and can strike an idea that will prove to be an innovative one.  
  1. Do some research: After you’ve gathered some ideas and settled on an innovative one that resonates the most with you, you’ll need to conduct well-defined research to ensure whether or not the idea will generate fruits. Here, your guide in the startup courses online can help you in conducting the research. 
  1. Hit a small market: Most people will tell you to address a larger market. But what the best startup courses online tell you is to tackle a small market today that will be big tomorrow. If it’s too huge now the incumbents will be big too early and crush you or if it’s too small tomorrow then you’ll never be able to build anything of enduring value. So settle in for a small market today with the help of startup courses online where things are changing to make it a big market tomorrow. 
  1. Follow the 10X Rule: A company must start when they have a technology that’s 10 times better than its closest competitor. To ensure this, you can ask two important questions

·        Is this 10X better than other things out there? 

·        Is it new enough or different that people will notice and buy? 

5.     Get out and talk to the audience: As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to get out of you’re and talk to real customers with the help of an entrepreneurship course in India. If you are doubtful about talking about your solution, ask potential customers about their problems.

6.     Become a marketing expert: If you’re now not a marketing expert, you need to become one. You might have one of the best products or services in the world, but if nobody knows about it then your startup can’t be successful. 


The difficulties you face when starting a startup business will help prepare you for the difficult road ahead. Go and get it!


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