The Ultimate Things to know about retail store lighting

 The Ultimate Things to know about retail store lighting

Most store owners ignore that the most crucial aspect of store décor after store setting is store lighting. It’s everywhere. Just imagine if it could support new operational efficiencies, enhance store experiences, and generates data all in all a very new experience. Interact Retail connected LED lighting lets you do all this and much more. It creates flexible retail spaces and triggers shopper behaviors through the means of zoning and layers of light to deliver location-based offers to the shoppers on their smartphones via your store app. Now that’s what is called smart retail.

 Below are a few things to know for making the most of your retail space using light.

o   Motion Sensors: One trend in retail store lighting is the addition of motion sensors.  These devices allow offices, storage, or even public restrooms to minimize energy costs without even needing to change routines. Occupancy sensors work by turning the lights on automatically when someone takes an entry into the room by detecting movement and back off when the room is empty and no motion is detected.

o   Interactive Retail Lighting: One recent design trend which has gained a lot of momentum is lights that allow individuals to interact with them. Using this kind of lighting can be used like LED modules in a dressing room that allow customers to see and decide how their new outfit will look in daylight as well as at night. They can also be just as a fun factor like a wall of LEDs that tracks passengers down the moving sidewalk in airports.

o   Mobile Lighting: There is an app for that. In this era where you can order meals, turn on the TV or home theatre, and even close your window shades with your smartphone, why not control the lights on your store as well? Controlling lights via wifi or Bluetooth allows employers to quickly and easily customize lighting to fit the customer’s mood or situation. Lights can be dimmed and faded to a warmer color temperature during a summer day or turn on vibrant flashes to bring in the vibe of Christmas in your store.

o   Well-Lit Shelving: If you’re going to showcase items inside racks and cabinets, a well-lit shelf will boost the interior of your displays. Let’s be honest, it is quite frustrating to dig through a pile of folded shirts on a shelf to find the correct size only to realize you can barely see the tag. Using interact retail LED tape light hidden within extrusions is a great way to light smaller shelves perfectly. A combination of broad-area backlight and accent light makes the displayed items appear to be more attractive and identification much easier. 

 Retail store lighting, therefore, affects the sense of belonging, making a crucial difference to your perception of retail spaces.

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