Signify UVC Disinfection Services – An Efficient and Reliable Method

 Signify UVC Disinfection Services – An Efficient and Reliable Method

Both the air we breathe and the surfaces we come into contact with have a significant impact on the general health and well-being of each human being. It is conceivable for any one of us to get ill from viruses or germs if we are in a busy public place, such as a grocery store, a school, a museum, or a mode of public transportation. This is the case because of the proximity of people in these settings.

Destruction of viruses:

·       It has been shown that exposure to UV-C radiation is an efficient and reliable method for the destruction of viruses.

·       In laboratory trials, the UV-C light sources manufactured by Signify lowered the levels of SARS-CoV-2 viral infectivity on a surface to levels that were undetectable in around nine seconds.

·       It has been known for a long time that exposure to UV-C radiation has a disinfecting impact on air, water, and surfaces, which in turn lowers the chance of contracting a disease.

Before efficiently using Signify UVC disinfection services, it is necessary to ensure that an application has been created appropriately. Because we have more than three decades of expertise working with UV-C products and applications, we can provide UV-C services that span the whole of a project’s life cycle.

Sanitation of surfaces:

Sanitation of surfaces, as well as the air and water, maybe accomplished with the use of UV-C radiation.

·       According to our current understanding, UV-C light can interact with any types of microbes and viruses that have ever been discovered.

·       Using UV-C light sources produced by Signify, researchers at Boston University have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is responsible for causing COVID-19, may be rendered inactive by the light.


The effectiveness of UV-C disinfection may be attributed to its capacity to cause damage to the DNA or RNA of germs, including viruses and bacteria. As a consequence of this, UV-C sterilization is a reliable technique. In light of the current epidemic, a company needs to take the necessary precautions to safeguard the health and safety of its workers before allowing them to return to work.

Safety certification:

Because of our significant knowledge and experience in the provision of services that have been awarded the certification as well as our deep knowledge of UV-C lighting, we have been able to develop UV-C disinfection lighting services that have been demonstrated to be both effective and safe. 

The UV disinfection services have been adapted to fulfill the requirements of each specific corporate client to fulfill their requirements. To get started, a team of highly qualified professionals investigates the location to gain an accurate image of the needs.


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