Planetary Changes during Jupiter Transit, 2023

Jupiter Transit or Guru Gochar or Guru Peyarchi 2023: According to astrology, three major zodiac changes are going to happen in the year 2023. In this, the first zodiac change of Saturn has happened in the month of January, now the second zodiac change will happen in the month of April. In the month of April, Dev Guru Jupiter will transit in Aries. After that in October.

Why is Jupiter transit 2023 special?

The planet Jupiter has a special place in astrology. Jupiter has been considered the factor of knowledge, children, education, religious work, charity, wealth, virtue and growth etc. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the lord of Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra among 27 Nakshatras. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces.

According to astrology, in the month of April, Guru or Jupiter will transit in Aries on 22nd April 2023.This is considered to be the biggest zodiac change of the year 2023, which will affect not one or two but all the zodiac signs. Jupiter enters from one zodiac sign to another in about 13 months. Whenever Jupiter transits in any zodiac, it has a deep impact on the lives of those natives. After 12 years, Jupiter is going to transit in Aries. According to astrology, three major zodiac changes are going to happen in the year 2023. In this, the first zodiac change of Saturn has happened in the month of January, now the second zodiac change will happen in the month of April. After that in October. In the month of April, Dev Guru Jupiter will transit in Aries.

Jupiter transit benefits on Zodiac signs


Jupiter’s transit is happening in the first house of Aries. From April 22, Aries people are expected to get mixed results from Jupiter’s transit. Work pressure may increase on you. You have to decide your goals and prepare the right strategy for that. Avoid showing haste to complete the work. During this period, you will get the support of your family. The economic condition will be fine. You will be able to save money. Marital life will be favorable. Luck will be with you. There are chances of promotion in your job. Where you work, your respect and income will also increase. Apart from this, there is also hope for an increase in ancestral property.


The people of the zodiac sign Taurus will not be able to get some results during this period. You may have to face some problems. Your expenses will increase. Negligence towards health can cost you dearly. Your enemies can cause trouble in your life. People associated with jobs or businesses can get a chance to go abroad which will be beneficial.


The people of Gemini will get mixed results. Financial conditions will be fine but a little more effort will have to be made to get money. This time will be very good in terms of career. You are advised to be cautious in the office; otherwise, there can be a debate with senior officials. The ongoing estrangement in married life will end and closeness will increase. Time will be good for businessmen.


The change you were expecting for a long time in the field of work can be completed. Changes can also come in the life of traders at this point. Employed people can get some golden opportunities. The atmosphere of the family will be full of happiness and peace. Take care of your father’s health during this period. Your financial condition will improve. The opposing side will remain calm. If there is any court case, then the decision can come in your favor. Take time for your partner and for your love life.


You may face some difficulties in the beginning due to Jupiter entering Aries, but later you will get the full support of luck. Time is good for you in terms of money. Long-distance journeys are being made. You will meet many important people in this period that can benefit you in the future. Your personality will shine. Will get the support of brothers and sisters. Marital life will be happy and some good news related to children is expected.


This transit will not be anything special for Virgo’s. There may be a big change in your life that you did not expect and it may trouble you. Discord can increase in married life. Tension in the relationship with your spouse can disturb you mentally. Financial loss may have to be incurred. You are advised not to invest money thoughtlessly. Avoid being negligent towards health. However, after October the situation will improve and some big profit could be expected.


The people of this zodiac who are associated with the business may face initial setbacks, but after that, there is full hope of getting some big financial benefits. After September, compatibility in married life will also increase and you will find yourself closer to your life partner. Due to this transit, your decision-making ability may be affected. In such a situation, you are advised to be patient. Your financial condition will improve, but for this, you will have to wait till September. There is the possibility to travel, which can benefit you in some way.


The natives of Scorpio can get mixed results in this period. It is not right for you to be negligent in terms of health. A slight mistake can land you in the hospital. Economically, the situation looks full of ups and downs. Your expenses will increase. Success will be achieved in the field of work, but for this you will have to struggle a little. You can get auspicious results after September. Any good news related to children will make you happy. You can get a chance to go abroad.


Sagittarian’s will get mixed results. You will be successful in improving your financial condition. Talking about married life, things will be seen getting out of hand. You will not be able to take time for family, which will have a negative impact on your relationship. Quarrels and stressful situations can disturb you mentally. Students of this zodiac sign will lack concentration. During this period, luck will favor you, due to which the situation will come under your control. You should worship your family deity during this period.


The people of Capricorn need to take care of their health. This transit will not be anything special for you. You may have to face ups and downs in family life, and along with family, you will also need to focus on your career. However, after October, relations with the family will improve and the atmosphere at home will be positive. Talking about employed people, they will get a chance to show their skills. You may get profit from big property.


In this period, your chances of meeting new friends will increase. You can become a victim of laziness which can become a problem for you. It’s bad effect can be seen on your health. Not only this, but your important work can also get stuck. It is advised to avoid unnecessary travelling till October. Time will be good for married life. Mutual love and closeness will increase. Luck will be with you but you will have to work hard. With this, you will be able to improve your financial condition as well. Time will be favorable for businessmen.


Pisces! Be alert because now the transit of Jupiter is going to take place in the second house. Jupiter is about to move from its own sign to Aries, which is going to bring good results for you. In such a situation, due to the presence of a Guru, you are going to get opportunities to earn money. You will be successful in business and you are going to have success all around. During this period, you need to pay attention to your way of communication; otherwise a big problem may arise. Eat clean and fresh food. Financially, you may have to face trouble in the beginning. There can also be a dispute regarding money in the family. But this problem will be fixed later. You will be worried about the enemy side but will be able to stay one step ahead of them. It is advised to improve relations with in-laws. You need to work harder in the field of work. Any auspicious work can be completed at home.

According to astrology, three major zodiac changes are going to happen in the year 2023. In this, the first zodiac change of Saturn has happened in the month of January, now the second zodiac change will It’s important to note that the impact of Jupiter Transit may vary based on an individual’s birth chart and the planetary positions at the time of the transit. It’s advisable to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer for personalized insights and guidance during this transit.


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