Plan Your Destination Wedding In Delhi With These 8 Steps

 Plan Your Destination Wedding In Delhi With These 8 Steps

Weddings, when it comes to Indian households, are much like any drama series filled with all sorts of turns and events ultimately delivering a grand affair that sweeps us off our feet. Much like the actual event, wedding planning too is a matter of utter confusion simply because we usually don’t know where to start from. Imagine what destination wedding planning would look like! But much like wedding planners, we are here to show you ways and points that will help save you loads of time and cost, and give you a start point. 

Your destination wedding planning can look much like that Pinterest mood board you have been creating for months only if you know where to start from.

1. Understanding the city and place first where your wedding is being held

Let’s say today you are planning your wedding in Delhi today, first things first, know the city and its cost for everything. Delhi or as the localities call it ‘dilli meri jaan’ has a heartfelt vibe to it. Keeping that in mind, you need to add that touch to your wedding planning. 

2. Know your venue and surrounding location quite well 

Mostly all the marriage halls and locations in Delhi will come with a banquet and adjoining lawn space. So, if your planning involves hosting an outdoor wedding or any morning pre-wedding function, talk with the venue coordinator directly about what all it will take to plan those events, if there are any additional costs that may be required. Know the area around, the only appropriate information regarding these can be given to you by the venue itself. These will help you in planning whether to keep a full time vehicle service around in case it is located in the outskirts. Know the surrounding markets as well for any emergency wedding requirements. You never know in case you need a change of garlands or arranging any floral arrangements on priority. The local shops can help you in this matter 

3. Plan your schedule accordingly 

If you have guests coming in from the airport, know the time it will take for them to arrive. Coordinate with your vendors well in advance, how much time will it take them to decorate and redecorate in case of multiple events in a single day. 

4. Know the season well 

So wedding planning and the season in which you are having your wedding are correlated. The wedding season impacts a lot, let’s say the choice of decor, the catering, almost everything. Saya season being the most important wedding season, has practically everything booked so  make sure you book your vendors, if not sourcing your own. 

5. Keep your budget steady

Walking with a planned and extra expenses foreseen budget plan is always better than not having one, especially when you are planning a destination wedding in a city like Delhi. Although this city will offer you wedding venues and vendors that will be reasonable to their prices given the luxuriousness and grandeur they provide, you might as well have a set budget in mind for each and every part of your wedding. 

6. Wedding outfit and miscellaneous shopping 

The markets of Delhi are abundant with all kinds of wedding outfits, from traditional red lehengas to modern day fits that will enhance your wedding day. You might as well set some budget apart for the market shopping in Delhi. Try out places like GK Market and Lajpat Nagar, which is quite famous for bridal outfits. Delhi also has a lot of homegrown brands which will offer you quirky items like floral mehendi decor and jewellery, cool bridal sneakers which are quite a trend nowadays along with heavy Kundan jewellery which you can customise accordingly. 

7. Wedding vendors 

When planning a destination wedding in Delhi, it is best suggested to try out the local vendors. Delhi as a city has a lot of famous makeup artists and catering and decor vendors who will deliver the exact richness in taste and look that you have dreamt of. 

8. Other plannings 

● These include plannings like, keeping your guest list count in check and hiring cab services for airport arrivals for your guests 

● Always ask about the number of rooms available at which venue you are booking along with what amenities and services it offers. If it has less room for your estimated guest list, we would suggest searching for hotels and Airbnbs nearby to your venue, that way you can be rest assured about your guests’ stays. 

● Ask the venue well in advance if it allows baraat and hawan, two of the most essential things at Indian weddings 

● Hotels usually offer breakfast within their bookings so you can plan your lunch and dinner accordingly. These are some of the loopholes through which you can save yourself a lot of money. 

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