Philips Hue Dimmer Switch – The Latest Addition In The Kit

 Philips Hue Dimmer Switch – The Latest Addition In The Kit

One of the major benefits associated with the Hue smart lighting is the power to control lights with the Hue app or with your voice via the home assistants. But, there are some other times, when you still want to get the feel of using a light switch.

Luckily, the company has covered all the possible bases for you to explore. There are various types of smarter light accessories available. Some of those are tap switches, indoor and outdoor motion sensors, and the most promising one of them all, the Philips Hue dimmer switch.

Installing even a standard dimmer switch can be a bit towards the trickier side, and will need the help of an electrician along with an expensive switch. But, with the help of the Philips hue dimmer switch, you will just need the app, the hue light from Philips, and just your own hands. The installation process is really very simple, and even a person with no knowledge can do it by following the instructions.

Find the perfect spot:

As the Philips hue dimmer switch is not meant to cover the traditional lighting switch, you get the chance to choose any place where you want to install the smart light. After mounting, you can still use the switch anywhere you like.

Use adhesives or screws:

For mounting the Hue Dimmer switch, you can use two different methods. 

  • You can either use the adhesive backing available on the base plate.
  • Or you can screw the base plate right into the walls. But, for that, you need to purchase the screws separately.

Even though the current dimmer switch does not have the necessary hardware included within the pack, you can always use the screws for mounting the base plate to the wall. You have to insert the smaller screws through the screw holes of the base plate. 

Based on the kind of wall you have, you get to use a drill or a screwdriver to secure the chosen screws in their given places. Some walls might further need the wall anchors for securing the base plate in a proper manner.

There are so many easy tricks to mount the dimmer switch, and then control the light movements with the help of your smartphone. Or you can use the switch separately as well.

Change the intensity of the lights with the switches:

Depending on the mood or the time of the day, the intensity of the light is subject to change quite a lot. Early in the morning, the light will be soothing and when the sun sets, the brightness will intensity. You can even change the dimness of the light or adjust its power according to your choice.


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