Office lighting- Industry’s platform for new ideas and innovation

 Office lighting- Industry’s platform for new ideas and innovation

Please tell us about your plans for a cutting-edge manufacturing or storage facility. You may improve productivity and safety, as well as maximize efficiency and save as much energy as possible, thanks to Interact Industry’s platform for new ideas and innovations.

It is possible to boost the value of connected lighting via the use of insights and data. You can save operational costs, and keep track of compliance, and plant maintenance with centralized lighting control. There will be no more guesses. Real-time decisions based on data alone.

Management of lighting:

·       The lighting management software from Interact Industry allows you to control the office lighting in a single warehouse or factory or throughout your whole supply chain – and you can do it from any location, at any time.

·       Using a basic dashboard, you may be able to see how the lighting is being utilized and make changes to it remotely.

Interact Industrial’s software applications are specifically designed to tie together your firm’s connected lighting systems and the data they gather with the other intelligent industrial solutions your company provides.

Maximizing the efficiency of electrical power:

Using Interact Industry, you’re manufacturing or warehousing organization may increase its energy efficiency without jeopardizing its safety.

·       While achieving your sustainability goals, keep a constant check on how much energy is being consumed.

·       Light settings that may be adapted to the task at hand, the time of day, or shift patterns are a means to increase productivity and safety in the workplace.

·       The Interact Industry Scene management system makes it easy to set up connected lights based on location, schedule, or activity from a distance.

·       To improve the quality control and safety measures in the factory or warehouse, you need to create an enthusiastic smart office atmosphere.

Getting about within a structure:

·       To help workers navigate their work environment, follow step-by-step instructions, or arrange activity flows most efficiently, Interact Industry Indoor navigation software may be used.

·       Hyper-accurate indoor location, made possible by LED lighting technology embedded, allows you to keep a close eye on the people and assets in and around your facilities.

A whole new realm of possibilities has been opened up in terms of enhancing productivity and safety.


·       You may speed up the selection and delivery of orders by reorganizing the structure of your factory or warehouse.

·       The connected lights of Interact Industry Space management collect real-time data to reveal how spaces are being used.

·       Continuous operations and safety in industrial facilities are dependent on high-quality lighting that can be counted on.

A remote diagnostics dashboard alerts us to problems and outages, so we can act quickly. Preventative maintenance may be performed based on real-time performance data, and changes to firmware and software can be sent quickly.


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