Looking For a Fun Cocktail Night? Here Are 6 Pubs in Gurgaon That Sure Suit Your Taste – VenueMonk

 Looking For a Fun Cocktail Night? Here Are 6 Pubs in Gurgaon That Sure Suit Your Taste – VenueMonk

Cocktail parties are quite amazing when you are in the correct surroundings and good mood. Bachelor’s often find the right tint to get rid of the daily stress and relax with their friends. Cocktail parties are often organised by small pubs and clubs but we miss out on the best ones if we don’t have any idea about them. Cocktail parties are organised at large scale in many of the cities, but if your dwelling unit is in Gurgaon and you want to dive deep into some of the amazing cocktail nights, then scroll through the article and get the best place for your partying unit. 

7 Barrel Brew Pub, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

The 7 Barrel Brew Pub is ideally situated in Gurgaon’s prime commercial district. It is the perfect location for business meetings, conferences, and birthday party festivities due to its accessibility to the central business district, Metro stations, major highways, and services. Modern conference rooms provide all the necessary amenities. The banquet rooms accommodate up to 50 guests and are ideal for conventions, workshops, and seminars. A well-crafted waterfall may be seen in the adjacent manicured green space, which is very attractive. Gurgaon’s hotel-cum-wedding location is perfect for all kinds of gatherings and one of the best place for a cocktail party. 

The in-house culinary staff offers a variety of delectable cuisines along with the great drinks to enjoy, guest accommodations, and also permits outside decor merchants to decorate your wedding location as you like and put up a lovely scene for your ceremonies. The management team and workers at the wedding location make sure that all of your needs are satisfactorily met. 

Raasta Cafe, Gurgaon

The location promotes music and has a very exciting atmosphere. Its cheery interiors feature vibrant shades of green, gold, and red. The lounge honours the famous abilities of several musicians, including Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff. This place is a perfect suit for a cocktail party night. 

The restaurant offers a wide selection of meals from the Thai, Mexican, North Indian, Continental, and European cuisines. You can order a variety of drinks for the obvious cocktail parties. 

Big Boyz Lounge, Sector 29, Gurgaon

The party location features a sophisticated yet elegant atmosphere that is great for parties. The venue is spread out over two floors and offers both an indoor and a rooftop celebration area for your event. It also has an exceptional capacity for lodging. The walls are unique and artistically designed. A full bar is available within the indoor venue, and there is also a designated dance floor in front of a DJ booth, as well as numerous seating places. Beautiful lighting complements the venue’s festive atmosphere. 

Big Boyz Lounge in Gurgaon Sector 29 is the best party destination for you if you love cocktails! One of the best cocktails in the area is served at this establishment, which is highly recognised for it. The location is excellent for your full-fledged events including cocktail parties, corporate parties, birthday parties, and social gatherings because it can accommodate up to 500 guests. 

The Ark

The Ark is renowned for providing high-quality services and a memorable experience to everyone of its visitors. You can arrange your little event there in Gurgaon in the best possible location. With unique arrangements in a comforting environment. 

The Ark is a high-end lounge bar with a thrilling and dynamic atmosphere created from reclaimed wood from sunken ships. The atmosphere is quite energising in this place. Who wouldn’t want to spend their special day here with an amazing lit-up bar, mind-blowing decor and seating arrangements, and the enthusiastic services the venue has to offer. The Ark is the ideal location to host events like cocktail parties. 

Gravity Bar Space

Gravity Space Bar has a distinctive atmosphere that makes one feel like they are in a spacebar! The building has two storeys, the upper floor is open and decorated with various shades of vegetation, while the lower floor has a dark motif. This floor offers a very alluring perspective of the surrounding area. Therefore, the upper floor provides a serene and calming atmosphere while the lower floor gives off a party mood and for cocktail night this ambience is a must. 

Best recognised for its setting and theme, Gravity Space Bar. The upper floor calms you with the lovely green surrounds while the lower floor feels like a setup for a party with a DJ. 

 21 Shots, Gurgaon

A flawless fusion of interior design and lighting can be found in 21 pictures. The atmosphere is upbeat and the seating is incredibly snug. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their special day here, with the lavishly lit bar and the enthusiastic services the venue offers? Hosting a birthday party, anniversary party, business party, bachelor party, or other social event is your best bet for a cocktail party also. 

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