How to select the right low voltage distribution panel for your system?

 How to select the right low voltage distribution panel for your system?

Choosing the right low voltage distribution panel for your electrical installation is very crucial. It plays an important role in distributing electric power throughout the system to ensure smooth and safe operations. 

The main function of the panel is to distribute electricity from the main source to different circuits throughout the building. This is why you must select the right one to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. In this article, we have listed down some important points that you must consider during the selection process. 

Making the right selection 

Here are some key considerations that will help you select the right low voltage distribution panel: 

       You must start by determining your load requirements. You can calculate the total power consumption of all the electrical appliances you use. Get a list of the circuits and their power requirements from an experienced electrician. Understanding the total load will help you determine the perfect low voltage distribution system for small scale industries.

       You must also understand the working and benefits offered by different types of LV panels. They are all different and come with some specific features. Identify which will fit your electric distribution and application requirements.

       You must also consider the total number of circuits as each will represent a group of appliances. You must have enough circuits to distribute even load. Or else, overloading might occur in a single circuit. Consider your current requirements and leave room for future expansions.

       The configuration of the low voltage distribution panel also plays an important role in its functionality. Understand if you need a fixed or modular panel. The fixed ones are pre-wired while the modular panels offer flexibility, which allows for future modifications.

       Safety must be the top priority when choosing a distribution panel. Choose the ones with built-in safety features like circuit breakers and surge protection. It will protect your appliance from electrical damage and reduce the chances of accidents.

       Make sure that your distribution panel adheres to the relevant industry standards and regulations. This will ensure the LV panel’s safety, reliability, and quality. You must consider the manufacturer’s certification before making the purchase.

       The low voltage distribution system for small scale industries comes in different sizes and capacities. You must consider the available space for installation so that the panel can fit properly. Also, it should have enough capacity to handle the overall load requirements of your electrical appliances. 

You should always get LV distribution panels from reputed manufacturers. It will ensure that your purchase is durable and of high quality. Remember that electrical safety is associated with the panel, hence choosing the right one as per your need is very crucial.


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