Do Native applications and Progressive web development are the same?

 Do Native applications and Progressive web development are the same?

Progressive web applications, commonly known as Progressive Web Apps (PWA), have features of mobile applications and a webpage. These applications are designed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but provide responsive features of smartphone applications. 

For instance, Twitter. Twitter is a progressive web app that occupies the memory space the same as other mobile apps, but it starts functioning as a webpage when you launch the app. Moreover, this PWA is quite similar to native apps and effortlessly run-over both Android and iOS platforms. 

Since PWA works like a native app, hence most of us think that it is a native app, but it’s not, and web design services play a vital role in that. However,  the difference between progressive web apps and mobile apps are underneath:-

  • Mobile applications must be installed first, but PWAs do not require it.

  • Progressive web application development is cost-effective and less expensive than mobile app development.

  • PWAs require some codebase to transform your web application into a mobile app; hence, it requires a progressive web development company or expert in PWA development to employ technicalities to such transformations.   

  • Progressive web apps do not require dedicated Android and iOS versions like native applications.

  • PWAs can efficiently run in the absence of the internet.

  • Mobile applications require search engine optimization, but this feature is inbuilt in PWAs.

Benefits of Progressive web application development

  • Cross-platform friendly

PWAs are rich cross-platform applications. As a result, it supports all mobile types of mobile platforms, Android, iOS, and web browsers.

  • Speedy and high-performance

Although PWA requires incorporating some progressive web development services such as codebase, it is still faster and high performing because the codebase makes the platform robust and effective to use and perform well.

  • Budget-friendly

Since PWAs are cross-platform applications, you don’t need to spend more on distinct platforms (Android/ iOS/ web browser) based on various native apps or web app development. In addition to saving costs, JavaScript development companies enhance the PWAs front-end interactive and SEO-friendly. Hence, it will also reduce your effort to make the app search engine friendly.

Hopefully, it is clear now that progressive web apps are the cost-effective and high-performing solution for your app-based need. As a result, you can employ a progressive web app development company to get a complete end-to-end solution for your app-based need. 

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