Biodegradable Plates and Compostable Disposables: The Best Choice for Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

 Biodegradable Plates and Compostable Disposables: The Best Choice for Eco-Friendly Dinnerware

If you are hosting a party, instead of using lots of plastic plates, plastic spoons and forks, go for paper plates and wooden cutlery. They are not just fancy, but also eco-friendly dinnerware.  Since they do not leave any toxic material or residue behind, they can easily degrade over the time by releasing back all the nutrients to the soil that are earth-friendly. There are so many trusted companies offering eco-friendly dinnerware online at affordable prices. You can buy them and avail following benefits:

·        Easy Composting: Using Eco-friendly plates and wooden cutlery helps in making composition easy and convenient. Easily they can be discarded into the compost bin by saving your time in cleaning the left-over utensils. Make sure the plates do not have food residues as they will disturb the balance of the compost pile.

·        Energy Efficient: Since the eco-friendly cutlery and dinnerware are made up of sugarcane, bamboo, etc., they can easily be degraded and requires less energy as compared to plastic plates. Moreover, these earth-friendly utensils don’t deplete the earth’s natural resources.

·        Non-Toxic: Plastic cups, plates, and spoons leaves a lot of toxic material behind. Hence, these utensils are not safe, and can cause a variety of health problems such as hormonal imbalance, metabolic problems, and many more. When exposed to heat, the plastic bottles release harmful chemicals like Bisphenol.

Natural Panaa is one of the most trusted and renowned social enterprise, an aggregator and seller of palm leaf products, engaged in replacing or reducing the use of plastic and foam products in food packaging and storage by selling durable and stylish eco-friendly dinnerware. All items are made from fallen leaves. They are collected by a team of experts without cutting down trees. When the leaves are dry, they are pressed to the desired shape and size.


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