Best 5 Mobile App Development Framework

 Best 5 Mobile App Development Framework

Smartphones are inseparable from anyone’s life. As a result, it is the best way for businesses to grow by targeting audiences through mobile application development. The mobile application development process is a life cycle of design, development, integration, testing and deployment. Mobile app development services employ various frameworks to develop high-performing and scalable applications. The best five mobile app frameworks among all are underneath:-

React Native

React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework. It facilitates developers to build high-performing android and iOS app development. Since both platforms (Android and iOS) are native, React Native works in the background and analyses the JavaScript the developers have written directly on the end device and communicate with the native platform using serialised data sent across an asynchronous, batched bridge. This framework provides faster app development as it has a similar codebase of HTML and CSS and supports C, C++, C#, Swift, Java, and Kotlin. Furthermore, the reusability of the codebase enhances the app development process. As a result, you can hire mobile app developers proficient in using react native framework and get a cost-effective and high-performing iOS/android app. 


Flutter is an open-source framework for native app development. This framework allows developers to build native mobile app development for android and iOS platforms. It is a reliable and secure smartphone UI framework for eye-catchy app design by accelerating development. This framework facilitates developers to employ pre-designed widgets, rendering engines, debugging and integrating APIs to create and release stunning mobile applications. The key benefit to hiring remote developers proficient in Flutter-based app development is getting a cost-effective, high-performing, appealing app design.

Xamarin is a new-edge open-source mobile app development framework. In 2011, Microsoft introduced this framework as the cross-platform application platform which supports C#. Since this framework is compatible with C# programming language, it facilitates developers to faster their app development process and delivers flawless applications pertinent to the business objectives. The intermediate layer regulates the connection between the core system code and the standard code. Xamarin is compatible with all types of devices, and continuous advancement enables you to get cross-platform app development with native appearances.

Native Script

Native Script is also an open-source framework for native mobile app development. This framework is practical for single-page app (SPA) development as it supports Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js. Since businesses suffer from the time and expense required to recruit and train employees to support various software and enterprise apps. NativeScript framework provides them with faster and more feasible app development. On the other hand, it gives feasibility programming tools. For instance, Apple provides Swift and ARkit to developers for free. The same applies to Android programmers, as Google makes Arcore available for free download.

jQuery mobile

jQuery mobile is an open-source mobile application development framework. It is an optimised web framework that follows the rules of ‘write less’. The JQM enables mobile app developers to create a single, highly responsive web or mobile application that can function well on smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms, saving you the time and effort of creating separate applications for each mobile device or OS. On the other hand, customised JQM themes allow the creation of impressive businesses with relevant user experience. Semantic URLs can be created using the AJAX-based navigation in jQuery Mobile allows semantic URL creation that speeds up the searching. Instead of repeatedly downloading whole pages, jQM searches for local links for any site and uses Ajax to get the content from those links. As a result, page loading time is shortened, positively impacting the audience’s mindset to stay on that page. 


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