7 benefits of using Light strips and Philips Hue light strip

 7 benefits of using Light strips and Philips Hue light strip

It seems so aesthetically beautiful when your house is well-equipped with smart light straps. The lights give a soothing feel to your eyes and increase the beauty of your house.

Philips Hue light strip are can be controllable from anywhere in the house, you can use your voice assistant to switch it on, switch it off or in the dimming of the smart light strip.


There are uncountable benefits of using light strips some of which are listed below:


Safe and Secure: The LED light strips are a safer and more secure option in comparison to the incandescent bulb because the light strips are not getting as heated up as the incandescent bulb.


The reason behind this is that the incandescent bulb only converts 5-10% of energy into light energy and the rest of the consumed electricity are get converted into heat energy.

And on the other hand light straps coverts, 90% of the electricity into light energy and a very few percentages of the energy gets wasted.

The huge percentage of heat conversion in the incandescent bulb is considered unsafe because you can get your skin burned with the high intensity of heat generation.


Aesthetically Beautiful: The LED light strips are world widely well-known for their eye-soothing nature which feels soft to our eyes in comparison to the harsh rays of the incandescent bulb.

It makes your living place more aesthetically pleasing. Like your bedroom, living area or kitchen areas. These Led strips look great everywhere.


More colour options: There are lots of colours available and you can choose your favourite one from the mobile app. You can choose the colour as per your mood, if it’s a party mood you can sync your entertainment system with the LED strip lighting.

Your light also should have the flavour of a festival in them, you can customize the lighting with the help of the hue application.


Consumes less electricity: The LED light strips consume less electricity as compared to the old bulb which is fixed in your homes. 

The LED light strips produce more light in compassion to the indecent bulbs. The light strips illuminate more than the bulbs.


Budget-friendly: Hue light strips are much lower in cost as compared to an incandescent bulb. The hue lights illuminate brighter than the incandescent bulb. And it is also cost-effective because it uses lesser electricity in comparison to an incandescent bulb.


Stays longer: The Light strips stay longer over decades if it is maintained properly. It has generally a life span of more or less 10 years.


Amazingly Smart: The light strips are the very smart light option you can have. The entire house light can be controlled with ease from your mobile phone itself. Also, you can use the voice assistant to do the work for you.


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